The Official Penn State vs. Pitt Drinking Game

Even though today might not feel like an away game, it still is. You’ll obviously be aware of this if you stayed in Happy Valley, and if you took the trip to Pittsburgh, you’ll be reminded at the so-called tailgates. Either way, it’s the first time in 16 years Penn State and Pitt are facing off — you might want to enjoy some alcoholic beverages.

We can’t predict exactly what will happen, but we know this is going to be interesting. Perhaps you’re intending to #WhiteOutHeinz on your body and blackout Heinz in your brain, or maybe you’re just trying to enjoy a few beers. Here’s a drinking game to make this once-in-every-16-years experience either way better or way worse.

  • Don’t respond, just take an aggressively long sip when a Pitt fan brings up Sandusky.
  • Whenever the announcers tell a story about the Pitt-Penn State rivalry, dish out a hot take and take a drink.
  • Every time the 2000 game is referenced specifically, sing your favorite Backstreet Boys song and knock that drink back.
  • Every time Saquon Barkley makes someone look foolish, laugh and drink.
  • Take a drink for every Shareef Miller sack.
  • Pour one out every time announcers talk about Christian Hackenberg in the NFL.
  • We’d tell you to finish your drink every time you see a classy “Joe Knew” T-Shirt, but far too many Pitt fans are making this game about the Sandusky scandal. Just take a drink…sighing is optional.
  •  If Penn State returns a kick or punt for a TD, drink everything in sight.
  • Finish your drink every interception, no matter if it’s in Pitt’s or Penn State’s favor.
  • Take a shot for every Joey Julius kickoff that goes for a touchback. Also, if Julius decks a guy again, finish your drink.
  • Finish that drink for any defensive touchdowns.
  • Take two consecutive shots for a Pitt turnover.
  • Shotgun a beer if Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi throws his headset.
  • If Penn State loses, drink whatever you have left. If Penn State wins, drink whatever you have left. Then you’re on your on.

Enjoy responsibly and you’ll have a good time even if Penn State doesn’t prove victorious. Tell us your own Penn State-Pitt drinking game rules in the comments!


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