Power Ranking The Penn State Clown Twitter Accounts

After Monday night’s #PennStateClownWatch, Twitter exploded with reports and reactions. Some students took to the streets to rally against the clowns, but others now claim to be the clowns. We’ll probably never know if any of these people were involved in the alleged clown sightings on campus, but here’s our power ranking of the new and anonymous Penn State Clown Twitter accounts.

1. @PennStateClown

It’s times like these when humor truly is the best approach. Clowns have certainly made some of us cry in the past 24 hours, but at least they can make us laugh, too.

With a handle that’s short, simple, and easy to remember, @PennStateClown is easy to rank first. He (she?) doesn’t even make us want to cry or hide under a blanket.

2. @PSU_Clown

According to this account’s bio, he’s our worst nightmare. At least we know the account is committed to #factsonly.

While this clown only has a few tweets right now, sometimes less is more. In this case, the photo is enough clown to last us a lifetime.

We too understand what it’s like to be mad online. But taking to Twitter to spew some takes at close to 3 a.m.? Sounds like someone we know.

3. @PSUClown99

Unfortunately (fortunately?) this account was deleted shortly after its inception.


That’s just not cool, man. If you’re in chemistry tomorrow, watch your back. These clowns are everywhere.

Did we miss a clown account that should be included in this list? Let us know in the comments.

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