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Nittany Quickie: Episode Four

We’re back for Nittany Quickie episode four and the crazy hook-ups just keep coming. The freak flag has flown all over campus and has started to make it’s way out of State College — and in one case out of Pennsylvania.

Home Run In Yankee Stadium

“We met at a tailgate a few hours before the game. We didn’t want to miss an incredible game and neither of us lived in NYC so we had to use the stadium “family” bathroom and make it back in time for the end of the game. As a Penn State and Yankee fan, I think I achieved sports Nirvana that day.”

Penn State may have won the bowl game, but you two clearly won the day.

No Friendzone at the Endzone

“It was my roommate’s birthday so we decided to take a trip out to the strip club, EndZone. We had a large group (10 guys, 4 girls) and when the shuttle van came to pick us up we all piled in. We took the 20 minute ride out to the club. When we get there, the girl I was with realized she forgot her ID at my apartment. So we had to ride back to State College to pick it up, and pick up other club goers on the way back. On the way back to State College, the driver said he needed to put gas in the van and go buy cigarettes. We got freaky while he was pumping gas and going in to buy his cigarettes. She is now my girlfriend!”

That’s certainly a story to tell at your wedding [or not]!

Revving the RV

“We were drinking at my family’s tailgate and I asked her to climb on top of the RV. We boned right there on top of it. Don’t forget use protection kids!”

That’s right kids, don’t forget condoms and don’t forget to never hook-up on the top of your uncle’s RV at a family tailgate.

The Dirty Deli  

“A group of friends planned a bar crawl at the end of summer session. We started at noon on the west side of Atherton and worked our way east. We were on bar ten or so when we got to the Deli. The whole group of us was entirely wasted even though it was only about 8 p.m. The girl I was hooking up with at the time was sitting next to me and things started to get a bit frisky under the table. We made an excuse to get away and went to the first place we could find, which happened to be the single person ladies room in the Deli. The door got locked and the clothes came off. We didn’t get caught, but there was a long line of gals with disapproving looks as we left the bathroom.”

Thank you for sharing, because as a loyal Deli patron I will forever reconsider using the bathroom there.


“It was his fraternity hayride and he took me as his date. We pre-gammed really hard because hayrides had just been starting up again after the temporary ban and we weren’t sure what to expect as far as alcohol at the event. Things got sloppy — one minute I’m on his lap by the fire and the next we’re making out to a point that might no longer seem socially acceptable. We both agreed that it couldnt wait any longer. We walked out into the woods and somehow ended up in a clearing lit by a full moon which was slightly romantic. We threw down our clothes (mind you, it was cold) and proceeded to do the deed. We returned what had seemed like not a terrible length of time later looking pretty deshelved. We were horrified to find that everyone had left on the tractors and we had no way home. The few people that worked there were laughing at us because our excuse of “checking out the property” didn’t seem feasible. They told us we would have to walk a mile back in order to call a cab. Luckily enough, another group rolled in shortly, a business fraternity with mixed genders who wouldn’t notice that we didn’t belong. We got to drink their non-IFC regulated alcohol and hitch a ride back, all while agreeing as they screamed ‘fuck frats!'”

It might have been cold outside but it seems things heated up between you two quickly. You definitely gave the term hayRIDE a whole new meaning.

Did these stories inspire you to share your own? Submit your own crazy hook-up here.

About the Author

Caitlin Gailey

Senior from just outside the city of Brotherly Love. Yes, I am one of those Philly sports fans. I bleed blue and white and have since birth. Maybe someday you will see me on ESPN and then again maybe not. If you ever want to inflate my ego email me at [email protected]


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