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Nittany Quickie: Episode 9

It’s time to wine, dine, and…read Nittany Quickie episode nine. This episode takes a turn for the Greek with some scandalous confessions, but don’t worry, we still showcase some campus favorites. The hook-ups are hot, heavy, and apparently never ending at Penn State.

Close Call With The Cops 

“The guy I was talking to and I were really horny and my roommate and her boyfriend (also his roommate) were in the room and so we felt like being adventurous and walked to the arboretum at 12:30 a.m. We wanted to do it in the cave at the arboretum since it was a good area to do the deed. As we were walking back (our clothes were on), three cops on bicycles stopped us and checked our student IDs, drivers license and even his backpack!”

Just feel lucky they didn’t stop you a few minutes prior.

No Underwear Left Behind  

“So it was sylly week and I was going to a frat late Thursday night. I was with a few of my friends pregaming hard before hand so I has pretty hammered. When we got there we had a few more beers then it was time to start mingling. Immediately I saw this girl dancing with her friends so I decided to just walk up and start dancing with her. That led to us making out in the corner which then led us up stairs to an unlocked room. While doing it on a futon the owner of the room caught us and need less to say we had to leave. My underwear is still in that room to this day.”

You may not have left with your underwear, but at least you didn’t leave with a black eye either.

Hot Stuff

“My guy and I decided to go to Nittany Hot Springs for a special night. We took a bottle of wine and rented a hot tub for an hour. We went crazy for that hour, both in the tub and on a towel on the deck. The window in the room was at ground level but had slat blinds on it that were closed… we thought. As we walked down the sidewalk when leaving, we walked right past our hot tub room. We were shocked to realize that the angle of the blinds was perfect for a clear view from pedestrians walking by. We still laugh about it, and figure that the video would still be living on the internet if that was available at the time. Glad there were no cell phones with cameras back then!”

Unfortunately, Nittany Hot Springs is no longer in business.

Sisterly Bonds 

“It was the beginning of the year and I had been talking to this kid for a while. At the time, I was living on my sorority floor and my roommate was asleep in our room. We really wanted to have sex, but had nowhere to go. I brought him back to the floor and swiped us into my sorority’s suite. I thought we were just going to have sex on the couch, but it ended up moving to the onto the table, counter and stove. I didn’t end up wiping everything down with Clorox wipes until a week later. Sorry to any of my sisters who made food or passed out watching TV. We didn’t get caught but there was a thrill of anyone swiping in.”

Every sorority sister is now thinking God, I hope that wasn’t my suite.

Steamy Study Buddies 

“I was studying in the stacks for a big physics exam for about 2 hours while taking breaks in between problems texting a girl I had met the previous weekend. We were both sophomores. I told her I might watch an episode of The Office to relieve some stress and she said she was studying in the HUB and wanted to meet up to study together. When she arrived, she said she prefers less light when studying because of her sensitive eyes to light, and we went farther back in the stacks and sat in between bookshelves. She then proceeded to tell me how relieve stress and built a wall of books on each side with very few people in the stacks (it was around midnight on a Wednesday) and did it right there until someone I’m assuming a freshman kept staring. So we finished up and went on our way. She said the fact that it was the library turned her on even more and we both ended up doing well on our exams. Maybe more people should do it in the stacks?”

Nothing is quite a turn on like a book fort in the library. Take notes, everyone.

Did these stories inspire you to share your own? Submit your crazy hook-up story here.

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