White Building Construction Update

In typical Penn State fashion, another building has been under construction for the entirety of this school year with almost no explanation. The White Building has been undergoing renovations since the summer 2016, but it should be completed by the end of March. Even then, you can still expect to see ongoing improvements to the building for the rest of the semester.

Communications Manager Shea Bracken told us all about the recent updates to the building. “The construction includes the renovation of the main lobby, the addition of two new registration desks, a new stairwell, and a new elevator,” Bracken said. “The main entrance exterior and pathway are also being updated. After renovations, the building will have one entrance and exit, similar to the IM Building.”

The purpose of the renovations is to improve building flow and allow more efficient monitoring of building traffic. This will help the White Building to comply with Penn State policy, improve building safety, and help track usage trends for future improvements.

The White Building renovations comes on the heels of an extensive renovation of the IM Building, which is now in its final stages. Even though construction has created detours to reach entrances, the White Building has not noticed a decrease in gym membership or usage.

For those stuck waiting in line to enter the fitness center or use the cardio machines at the White Building, it seems you’ll continue to endure the wait, as Penn State doesn’t have plans to renovate the White Building fitness center anytime soon.

At least we can test out the new tread-desks.

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