100 Students Told Us Their Favorite Parts Of The Line Dance

We asked 100 folks in the Bryce Jordan Center what their favorite part of the 2017 line dance is. The answers ranged from “Harambe” to “that square thing.” No matter what the answer, though, students couldn’t help but dance along as they explained them. We just wonder if they’ll get sick of their favorite parts by the end of the weekend.

Here are the top three most common answers:

Number One: “Why is everything so lit? What was this year’s biggest hit?”

This line (combined with the complementary dabbing), got 24 percent of the votes. It wasn’t enough to win the majority, but the dab is our plurality winner for the early crowd favorite. The dab just won’t go away.

Number Two: “Juju on that beat”

Coming in second and close to the dab, was the Juju. It racked up 16% of the vote, and every student who said it was their favorite immediately demonstrated the Juju with their friends.

Number Three: Chorus

The chorus should always be a fan favorite as it’s the most heard and rehearsed part of the line dance. This year’s chorus got only 10 percent of the votes, but still managed to snag a third place spot in THON attendees’ hearts.

Other Answers:

Some answers didn’t get enough votes to be significant, but that doesn’t mean they’re not funny. LionPATH was mentioned specifically a few times, as was Obama’s mic-drop. Donald Trump received exactly one vote for being the best part of the 2017 line dance. Harambe was mentioned too, but it’s a little too soon still.



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