How Many Steps Can A Dancer Take In 46 Hours?

THON 2017 has come and gone, ending with Penn Staters celebrating more than $10 million raised For the Kids this year. But one big question still hasn’t been answered. It’s the THON equivalent of “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop?”

How many steps can a dancer take in 46 hours?

We put Fitbits on two of our staffers who danced this weekend to find out. Here’s a summary of their stats from THON weekend.


There’s six hours between the time the dancers stand and midnight Friday. Of course, these numbers may be skewed a little with activity before 6 p.m., but we can promise neither of our dancers tried to run a marathon before THON started.

Average Friday Steps: 13,729

Average Friday Mileage: 5.79


This is the biggest day for dancers, with 24 hours of straight standing.

Average Steps: 25,272.5

Average Mileage: 10.215


Here’s the day dancers dream of. While most dancers stand still during Family Hour, they make up for it jumping around during the Go Go Gadjet performance. Again, this includes time after THON, but we promise our staffers weren’t out for a casual stroll in the Arboretum Sunday night.

Average Steps: 16,358

Average Mileage: 6.435


So how Many Steps Can A Dancer Take In 46 Hours? Here’s your answer.

Average Total Steps: about 55,359

You could walk to Bellefonte and back as a dancer!

Did you wear your Fitbit while dancing in THON? Let us know how far you walked in the comments.

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