Louis Freeh Calls For President Barron’s Resignation, Bashes Penn State Administrators After Spanier Verdict

After speculation regarding the validity of a statement from Louis Freeh, the Centre Daily Times verified the statement that calls for President Barron’s resignation (among other attacks) with Freeh’s attorney.

At 6:45 p.m. today the Centre Daily Times published an article after receiving an email with the “Statement from Louis J. Freeh.” The statement called for President Barron’s resignation, as well as the removal of Penn State Board of Trustee members Anthony Lubrano and Albert Lord.

“Barron can do one, last good act of service to PSU by resigning, and taking along with him board members like Anthony P. Lubrano and Albert L. Lord, who have no vision for PSU except a ‘rear-view’ one.”

-Louis Freeh (via Centre Daily Times)

Freeh also attacked board members, alumni, and “a former professional football player” (most likely Franco Harris) as “Paterno deniers” who are “more concerned about bringing back a bronze statue” than the welfare of children. Freeh also included the “cult-like” alumni group Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship in his attack.

“Barron and a coterie of ‘Paterno denier’ board members, alumni, cult-like groups such as Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship, a former professional football player, and certain elected state political hacks, have been nothing but apologists for Paterno, Spanier, Schultz and Curley, more concerned about bringing back a bronze statue than worrying about the multiple child victims who have forever been so grievously harmed on the PSU campus.”

-Louis Freeh (via Centre Daily Times)

The statement comes hours after Graham Spanier was found guilty on one count of child endangerment earlier today. However, Spanier was acquitted of all conspiracy charges; the charges central to Freeh’s cover-up thesis.

Louis Freeh was hired by Penn State in 2011 to conduct an independent investigation of how the university handled the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal. However, the investigation proved to be anything but independent as Freeh colluded with the NCAA throughout his investigation. Further examinations of the Freeh Report have also uncovered numerous inaccuracies.

In late 2014 President Eric Barron pledged to conduct his own review of the Freeh Report. A few months later in January 2015 Barron stated that he was “not a fan of the report.” President Barron stated that Freeh “steered everything as if he were a prosecutor trying to convince a court to take the case.” Barron concluded that “the Freeh Report is not useful to make decisions.”

“There’s no doubt in my mind, Freeh steered everything as if he were a prosecutor trying to convince a court to take the case… [Louis Freeh] very clearly paints a picture about every student, every faculty member, every staff member and every alum. And it’s absurd. It’s unwarranted. So from my viewpoint the Freeh report is not useful to make decisions.”

-President Eric Barron, January 2015

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