PSU Boombox Guy Starts Boombox Repair GoFundMe

Squirrel Girl, Afro Man, and Bug Girl are just some of the “unique” characters that have graced this campus. But no Penn State “Extraordinary Student” Mount Rushmore would be complete without Boombox Guy.

However, many students nowadays may not be familiar with Boombox Guy. The Penn State Boombox Guy is guy who hoisted an ’80s era boombox around campus and downtown. He blasted ’80s and ’90s tunes, posed for selfies, and had one of helluva good Michael Jackson dance routine.

Simply put, PSU Boombox Guy is a Penn State legend. He helped brighten the days of countless students, and now it is time for us to return the favor.

Last week, the Boombox Guy (also known as Brian Cronauer, who now lives in New York) started a “Help bring back the Boombox Guy” GoFundMe to raise funds for boombox repairs. “Sadly, the boombox has not held up against Father Time,” Boombox Guy said. “It’s about time it gets repaired and makes a triumphant return to the streets of NYC and the tailgates outside of Beaver Stadium.”

With even the smallest donation you’d be contributing to a great cause: help Make Boombox Guy Great Again. You can visit his GoFundMe here.

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Alex is a senior from Cheshire, Connecticut majoring in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIENT) and Finance. He is a first generation Penn Stater along with his two sisters. His favorite things are dogs, coffee, and dogs that shoot hot jets of coffee out of their mouths. If you are Mad Online™ about something Alex wrote on the internet, you can send him threatening emails at [email protected], or harass him on Snapchat and Instagram @TheAlexBauer.


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