Penn State Love Stories: A Tinder Mismatch

Dating websites and apps like Tinder have taken the world by storm, especially for college students. Some swear by the algorithm, while others don’t trust it at all — but for Mel Wojcik and Chris Shewell, a Tinder mismatch allowed them to find the loves of their lives.

Wojcik decided to go to a frat party with her friends one night during her freshman year at Penn State. At one point, a boy in the frat came up to her and introduced himself — enter Shewell. The two students thought they had never met, but they soon realized they had unknowingly crossed paths in a different way.

After Wojcik introduced herself back, Shewell immediately asked if she had a Tinder. Wojcik was mortified when she realized what he was talking about.

“I swiped right to everyone, and he just happened to be one of them,” Wojcik said. “I was super embarrassed because that was before Tinder was socially acceptable, and he totally called me out in front of all my friends.”

But Wojcik brushed off the awkward encounter, and the two enjoyed laughing and getting to know each other throughout the party. They even bonded over the humorous situation, but neither Wojcik nor Shewell were interested in the other. The students didn’t cross paths for the rest of the school year and soon forgot about the encounter.

However, this wasn’t the last time Wojcik would run into Shewell. Much to her surprise, she saw him from across the room at another social during her sophomore year. Shewell and Wojcik recognized each other immediately despite going months since the first meeting.

“I had forgotten that he lived there, but he spotted me pretty much right away,” Wojcik said. “He came up and said, ‘I know you! Mel from Tinder!'”

This time, they spent the majority of the night together. Wojcik and Shewell realized how much they clicked and exchanged numbers. Soon after, Shewell texted Wojcik asking to go on a real date.

“I was so nervous I almost backed out several times throughout the day,” Wojcik said.

But the Tinder encounter wouldn’t be the only mismatch she’d have with Shewell. When he texted her to let her know he’d gotten to Starbucks, he wasn’t anywhere in sight.

“That was the moment I found out there were two Starbucks downtown, and I was at the wrong one,” Wojcik said. “He (literally) ran from one Starbucks to the other in under five minutes to meet me, though, and it all worked out.”

(Photo: Mel Wojcik)

Wojcik and Shewell soon made their relationship official, and the two have been together now for more than a year.

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