Two Door Cinema Club Closes Out Movin’ On 2017 With Chill Set

Though Two Door Cinema Club wasn’t the caliber headliner we expected for this year’s Movin’ On, that doesn’t mean they didn’t put on a solid performance. However, compared to the explosive and upbeat performances from former headliners like Passion Pit, Big Sean, and Walk The Moon, the atmosphere this time around just seemed a lot more…tame.

Like you’d expect, once the stage went dark signaling the band’s impending entrance, Zombie Nation blasted throughout the fields accompanied by a round of “We Are” round of chants. Two Door Cinema Club then took the stage to blue and white strobe lights, clearly playing up their crowd.

They opened the show with “Undercover Martyn,”  a perfect hit to start off the set. The crowd seemed mildly enthused and began dancing pleasantly. This certainly isn’t a mosh-pit inspiring kind of group, however, which is either a letdown or a huge plus depending on your style. As the indie-pop group started off strong with hits like “This Is The Life” and “Do You Want It All,” students seemed to get into the groove and vibe. To be clear, Two Door Cinema Club evokes upbeat swaying and shimmying, but certainly not twerking or fist pumping.

Other songs on their set list included “Lavender,” “Something Good Can Work,” “I Can Talk,” and “What You Know.” Each song transitioned effortlessly and smoothly into the next, with no hiccups or malfunctions whatsoever. The weather was warm and ideal, contrasting the horrific gray and rainy awfulness that was Movin’ On 2016 (until the walk home, at least).

In terms of raw energy and excitement, this Movin’ On lineup was a bit lackluster. That certainly isn’t to say, however, any of the acts were bad — Two Door Cinema Club performed like a dream. They were perfect and precisely what you would crave if you were an indie-pop/alternative enthusiast. If you were an average Penn Stater on a Friday night, however? That’s a different story.

Overall, however, the crowds left in good spirits and seemed entirely content and appreciative of the newfound summer atmosphere and excellent live music — which is really all we could ask for to conclude our last day of classes.

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