MobilePrint And Remote Printing Ease The Hassle Of Printing On Campus

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Printing on campus hasn’t always been the most straightforward task. Finding a nearby lab and making sure you have the sufficient sheet count to get the job done can actually pose some problems. But don’t worry, Penn Staters — there’s an easier way to print now.

Although the printing pilot program WePa has ended on campus, two new programs will replace it. There are no longer branded WePa kiosks on campus for mobile printing, but both MobilePrint and Remote Printing are now available to students to make printing that much easier.

ITS Labs MobilePrint provides users with the ability to print from personal devices like phones, tablets, and laptops. The document is sent straight to any Print Release Station on campus of your choice.

Printing through MobilePrint will work just as printing does normally — for example, the number of pages you use will be deducted from the 110-page total that students start off with. To use this printing method, you will need to visit this site and enter your Penn State ID and password. A full list of instructions is available here.

MobilePrint operates as part of Remote Printing, the Penn State software that allows students to print to lab printers without using lab computers. If you’re use Windows and are interested in using this service, you can download the software and find instructions here. For a full list of locations where you can print using Remote Printing, check the ITS webpage.

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