Overheard On Twitter: Notre Dame And Iowa State Fans Are #MadOnline About College GameDay In Columbus

If you didn’t already know, College GameDay is following the Nittany Lions to Columbus next week as they take on No. 6 Ohio State in The Horseshoe. The runners-up (i.e. colleges who will not see GameDay in their city this week) were Notre Dame (South Bend) and Iowa State (Ames).

As you might imagine, fans of both schools were upset with the decision. Naturally, they took to Twitter to express their discontent.

This poor fan is not happy.

These people need a melody from the world’s smallest violin.

Nice jab, Pat.

This fan started to feel nostalgic about the good ol’ days of College Gameday.

How dare GameDay turn down Iowan hospitality to watch Penn State for the second time in a row!? And, in Ohio of all places!

You heard it here first: ESPN = murderers.

At least some folks are happy to see us again.

These fans even had some OS-approved content ideas for ESPN.

This poor fellow does not even know the definition of pathetic. Tragic.

We may not agree with Ohio State fans on much, let alone anything, but we agree on this bottom line:

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