NRT Presents: A Skull In Connemara

If you’re looking for a way to get into the Halloween mood this weekend, look no further than the Forum for a show of murder, suspense, and intrigue. No Refund Theatre is opening its second round of shows this semester with a rendition of Martin McDonagh’s critically acclaimed play, “A Skull in Connemara.”

The play itself is the second installment of McDonagh’s trilogy series titled, “Leenane.” The show centers around the trials and tribulations of widower, Mick Dowd. For one week every autumn, Dowd is hired to exhume sections of his local cemetery to make room for the recently departed.

This fall, however, in a twisted turn of events, the area deemed to be exhumed contains the remains of his late wife. As the time rapidly approaches for Dowd to dig up his wife’s remains, rumors regarding his supposed involvement in her untimely death seven years ago begin to resurface.

Senior Kelly McNeice directs the show. Though this is McNeice’s first time directing all by her lonesome, you might remember her from last semester’s, “Leading Ladies.”

“When I was co-directing, I kind of felt like a glorified assistant director, because ‘Leading Ladies’ was [Bryna] Parlow’s baby,” McNeice said. “It’s so much more work when you’re by yourself. It’s good work and bad work though. There’s a lot of stress, but it’s amazing to know you have this show you’re passionate about and it’s on you to see it through to fruition.”

McNeice has been working day and night to get this show up and running, though she says her helpful and spirited cast has made all the difference.

“They’ve all worked so hard; they’ve been great. I was initially worried that they might not be able to get that Irish accent down, or that it would take forever, but after the first week, they had it. They’ve all worked so hard to bring these characters to life,” she said.

If you want to check the show out for yourself, performances will be held at 8 p.m. October 26-28 in 111 Forum For more information, check out the event’s Facebook page here.

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