DOTD: Penn State Among Suitors For Lil B ‘The Based God’

Rapper and internet cult icon Lil B The Based God is looking for an institution to further his academic career, and Penn State is willing to have him.

It all started Wednesday when Lil B tweeted an open invitation to all universities expressing his desire to “OFFER MORE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND GLOBALLY AS WELL AS ANIMALS” by continuing his education:

Penn State was quick to respond, advertising Penn State Eberly College of Science swag as a reason to join the program. After he gets his GED, that is.

Penn State was one of the first to try to win over the rapper, but it was not alone. The Based God’s phone blew up as a storm of other top institutions followed the motto “shooters shoot” and popped up in his mentions. Notable competitors include Big Ten foes Indiana and Wisconsin as well as LSU and South Carolina.

Ultimately, Lil B was ecstatic with his offers:

He certainly has a lot to think about before making decision, but we hope to see him become a Nittany Lion. Apparently, the Nittany Lion hopes so, too.

Do I sense a future lab partnership???

In all seriousness, if Lil B becomes a Penn Stater, the Based God Curse that caused Kevin Durant to blow a 3-1 lead to the Warriors in the 2016 NBA Western Conference Finals will always work in our favor. The Nittany Lions will never lose in anything ever again!

Now, fellow Twitter cult icon James Franklin needs to get in on the action to ensure that The Based God is wearing white next fall.

#WeAre completely focused on educating Lil B educating Lil B educating Lil B educating Lil B educating Lil B…

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