DOTD: James Franklin Makes WWE Live Debut

When WWE Live came to the Bryce Jordan Center this weekend, its cast of superstars was treated to first class hospitality from none other than James Franklin himself. Franklin welcomed the wrestlers into the Lasch Building weight room for a ‘Lasch Bash’ (read: workout) prior to their show.

Later on in the evening, Franklin joined superstar Titus O’Neil and his Titus Worldwide posse backstage at WWE Live. Both Franklin’s Nittany Lions and O’Neil’s tag-team duo are riding winning streaks, which inspired the “1-2-3 WIN” breakdown.

Franklin even made his way to the main stage with the duo.

While the coach bought into the Titus Worldwide brand, O’Neil retuned the favor by showing his allegiance to Penn State football. Here, he taunts his foe with a “We Are” chant.

Hopefully the winning continues for both Penn State football and Titus Worldwide. If not, the good news is that James Franklin may have a fallback career as a WWE persona.

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