Police Break Up Crowd Of Gawkers Around Boucke Building Demonstration

A small group of demonstrators armed with Willard Preacher-like religious zeal, an ominous “God will judge you” sign quoting from the book of Revelation, and video cameras set up shop on Curtin Road outside the Boucke Building Thursday afternoon. They were quick to notify passing students of what they called the dangers of their sexual and sinful transgressions.

A crowd of gawking students quickly gathered around the few men, angrily debating on topics that ranged from racism to the Ten Commandments. As the crowd spilled onto Pollock Road, several University Park police officers arrived on the scene and ordered the crowd to move along over a cruiser loudspeaker because it was “causing a traffic problem.”

Their sign warned that God would judge sinners ranging from “Rebellious Women” and “Sports Nuts” to “Witches” and “Pot Smoking Little Devils.”

“I’m a Bible-believing Christian,” said the sign’s holder, who only identified himself as “Brother Daniel.” “I would hope that someone would want to get right with God today.”

“Brother Daniel” later told a student that she would “go to hell” for smiling as he spoke.

One of the most vocal members of the group, sporting a neon-green beanie as he stood on a sidewalk bench, offered words of ministerial wisdom, labeling some students as “sluts,” claiming that “blowjobs are sins,” asserting that “women were genetically made to fold laundry,” and saying “real men don’t watch Spongebob,” according to passersby.

One student asked the speaker if he was a sinner, to which he replied, “I used to be, but now I’m a saint.”

Eventually the group moved on from its bench pulpit, but not before having several heated debates with students that included scripture reciting contests and much yelling.

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