Big Ten Student Governments Partner To Advocate For Clean DREAM Act

The government shut down two weeks ago when Congress failed to pass a bill extending federal funding. The main source of the debate centered around the fact that the bill failed to include the issue of immigration, specifically the funding of DACA, in the budget.

The shutdown itself didn’t last very long because Congress passed a stop-gap to fund the government for an additional four weeks shortly after the shutdown was instituted. But legislators still haven’t come to any further agreement on the bill and the issue of immigration remains a point of contention.

In spite of all of this, student leaders across all Big Ten schools decided to take a stand to show their support for their fellow undocumented peers.  The student governments partnered up to create a video promoting the passage of a Clean DREAM Act. Their hope is to positively benefit students across all campuses by offering them the support they need.

“Each year, there are approximately 10,000 undocumented immigrants graduating from college and 65,000 from high school, across the country,” said Samantha Geisinger, Penn State student and executive director of the Association of Big Ten Students.

Their hope is to get the video to go viral. They want to draw attention to the issue, which is impacting thousands of students across the country. In addition to the video, ABTS has partnered with the Immigration Response team to raise money for students impacted by DACA, TPS, and the travel ban.

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