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Onward Debates: Should Penn State Athletics Adopt Light Blue As An Accent?

Light blue is part of the university’s official logo, but Penn State athletics hasn’t kept pace by updating its own logo or uniform. Two of our staffers decided to debate whether the athletic department should follow suit and whether it should choose tradition or innovation.

Just because they share a name, doesn’t mean these two staffers share opinions.

Anthony Fiset

Penn State athletics needs to take something from the university. Namely, the sweet light blue accent color on the university’s crest. The crest depicts the symbol of our best, the Nittany Lion Shrine, with a clean blend of navy, white, and light blue — a slight diversion from the traditional navy and white combination used by the sports teams.

Athletics should adopt the color as a third accent color on jerseys because, well, why not? Tradition? Oh, boo-hoo.

A light blue accent would enhance the current navy and white color scheme, without diverging too much from tradition. After all, light blue is a shade of blue, so we can all still cheer on the blue(s) and white. Besides, its use on the university shield is enough to justify adding it to the athletics color schemes, in my opinion.

Plus, the navy, white, and light blue combination just looks amazing. Just ask the Penn State University Police. They figured it out with their new-look cruisers.

James Franklin’s squad has put this new look to practice, as you can see at the end of this video from spring practice. Those light blue practice jerseys look awesome! Especially with the navy blue pants. Sign me up for that combo under the lights at Beaver Stadium next fall.

Most importantly, adding a third color, even just as an accent, would create a lot of new jersey design options. Imagine a navy stripe with a light blue trim on the football team’s pants, or a clean trim around the numbers. Perhaps, the athletic department could replace the basketball team’s grey alternates (groutfit, yuck) with light blue. Some fresh looks will create a lot of buzz, which is good for recruits, and we love recruits.

I can’t speak for all Tonys, but I am here for the light blue. And if it ever happened, I would be all over the merchandise too.

Anthony Colucci

My elementary school art teacher always told me that less is more whenever I handed in a project that had every color, texture, and idea imaginable splashed onto it. All these years later, I’ve finally bought into that philosophy.

Just like how Oregon has its highlighter palate and inconsistency as its trademarks, Kentucky sports its classic checkerboard pattern, and Maryland flashes its state flag, Penn State’s look is iconic.

The plain combination of navy and white (and sometimes gray) is as synonymous with the athletic program as nameless jerseys and White Outs. There’s something special about the modest look Penn State’s teams adorn. Maybe, it’s the fact that the absence of striking colors allows you to appreciate the uniforms’ sleek designs and intricacies, whether it’s a font, stripe, or accent.

I personally am a fan of baby blue and how sports teams like UNC, the Tampa Bay Rays, and Atlanta Thrashers pull of such a unique look. However, the song goes, “We’re ever true to you, Dear Old White and Blue.”

For an athletic department that has based its brand around maintaining tradition and being so unique that it is #Unrivaled, there is no reason to add any accents. Doing so would shift the entire veneer of an athletic department that has as recognizable a look as any university in the nation.

I am all for keeping an open mind, but some things are better off left unchanged.

Should Penn State athletics adopt light blue as its third color? Should we make Tony vs. Tony a recurring feature? Let us know in the comments!

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