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Author: Anthony Fiset

About the Author

Anthony Fiset

Anthony is a junior majoring in Economics. He, like many others, is from right outside of Philly, and by right outside of Philly, he means Pittsburgh. His only source of pride is being a lifetime Costco Executive Member. You can call him, beep him if you wanna reach him at [email protected], or follow him on Twitter @antnyfst.


The Penn State Bitmojis We Deserve

Penn State Football's James Franklin Bitmoji tweet inspired us to create some Penn State Bitmojis of our own.


Roads That Make Driving On North Atherton Feel Like Paradise

If you ever feel yourself road raging on North Atherton, stop, take a deep breath, and think about how terrible it would be to drive on these roads.

Student Life

The Only ‘Back To Winning’ Playlist You Need

We're all Sheck Wes, and we're getting really rich after Penn State's win over Iowa.

Student Life

Don’t Let Free Food Go To Waste, Start Eatin’ With Heaton

Under the Cody Heaton UPUA administration, you can have your free lunch and public discourse, too. Don't let these opportunities pass you by!

Student Life

The Ultimate CATA Bus Wish List

CATA Buses are pretty lame. Let's kick them up a notch.


The Legend Of The Land Grant Trophy

The Land Grant Trophy is the most beautiful trophy in college football, and the only one directly linked to the birth of Abraham Lincoln.

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