Author: Anthony Fiset

Anthony is a sophomore majoring in Economics. He, like many others, is from right outside of Philly, and by right outside of Philly he means Pittsburgh. He is a lifetime Costco Executive Member who enjoys spending quality time on the couch with his dog, Sparkle. You can call him, beep him if you wanna reach him at [email protected], or follow him on Twitter @antnyfst.

Canyon vs. Gumby’s, As Told By Yelp

Yelp is a terrible place where self-proclaimed food critics broadcast their opinions, but sometimes it’s hilarious. Here’s what its users had to say about two late night staples — Canyon and Gumby’s.

Penn State Basketball Gives No. 13 Ohio State Its First Big Ten Loss Of The Season

The Nittany Lions improved to 4-5 in Big Ten play, earning its first win over a top-15 team since the 2015-16 season.

Dear One And Done Basketball Recruits, Please Climb With Us

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DOTD: James Franklin Makes WWE Live Debut

James Franklin played host to some WWE superstars and joined the Titus Worldwide brand when WWE Live came to State College this Saturday.

Prominent Penn State Figures And Their Google Arts & Culture Doppelgangers

We put Googles new Arts and Culture app to good use…by identifying what works of art some notable Penn State figures look like.

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Kerry Collins’ Hall Of Fame Career And Legacy

Kerry Collins’ legacy is defined by perseverance and one phenomenal season. Here’s a look back at how he earned himself a place in College Football’s Hall of Fame.