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Mario Kart FTK

In support of THON, independent THON organizations Atlas, Springfield, Apollo and SHCStuCo will be holding a Mario Kart competition from 7:30-10 tonight in Redifer Commons.

Mr. & Mrs. THON

"When you THON for us, we know we are not alone. It gives us courage. It gives us strength."

These were the words of Four Diamonds child, Kora Byer. She was the star of last night's hilarious show at Eisenhower Auditorium for the Mr. and Mrs. THON 2012 Pageant.

Dodging for a Cure

At the annual Penn State Basketball Dodgeball Tournament benefitting THON, champions were made and amateurs eliminated, but it was all in good fun, and all FTK.

THON Dodgeball Tournament

The tournament is open for anyone- committees, orgs, clubs, etc., and is a fun and easy way to raise money for THON. Registration includes a t-shirt for each participant and if you're lucky enough to be finish in the top 3, then additional prizes will be given out to those team members. So come out and throw some dodgeballs at your friends FOR THE KIDS!

eLion’s New ‘Scheduling Planner’ App

Penn State students, rejoice. Starting today, eLion is rolling out a feature called 'Schedule Planner'. This new online application allows students to compare their non-class schedule conflicts with open courses to make scheduling easier.

Gear Up for This Week’s THON Interviews

THON Committee interviews started on Monday and will carry on throughout this week. These interviews are not like the one you are going to encounter at the Career Fair, but they're more formal than just a chat among friends.

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