Author: Gabriela Stevenson

Gabriela is a junior majoring in print and digital journalism and Onward State's student life editor. She is from Norristown, PA, which she normally refers to as "30 minutes outside of Philadelphia" (she looked up the exact driving time). She enjoys Broadway musicals, neck pillows, and eating cereal at night. To contact Gabriela, e-mail her at [email protected], or follow her on Twitter @GabiStevenson if you want to feel young again.

Three Penn State Grads, One Company, And A Chance To Share Modern Technology With The World

For alumni Jake Sieber, Haroon Choudery, and John Higgins, Penn State was the launching pad for their new business venture.

Vote For Saquon Barkley To Win The 2017 Paul Hornung Award

Saquon Barkley is a finalist for this year’s Paul Hornung Award. Have you voted yet?

Figure Out What Color You Should Wear To Saturday’s Stripe Out Game

Penn State’s Stripe Out website can help you avoid being “that guy” in the wrong color at this Saturday’s game.

District Attorney Hopeful For New Judge To Oversee Beta Theta Pi Hearings

When she refiled the charges, DA Stacy Parks Miller made it clear that Judge Steven Lachman should not be involved in the case moving forward.

Jim Piazza: ‘It’s Time To Man Up, Fellas’

“Well the catch-all argument is that we don’t know other than what was seen in the upstairs video,” Piazza said about the the state of the case leading up to this point. “Guess what guys? Now we know.”

Homecoming Strives To Remain ‘One Of The Biggest Events On The College Calendar’ 97 Years In

“History serves as a lesson for us all as to how we can improve and move forward in the future. Homecoming itself learns from its history as an honored event through time by remembering why we put all this work into planning Homecoming.”

One Year Later, Ohio State Fan Makes Post-Penn State Recap Video With Very Different Ending

Instead of sentencing Penn State to a trip to the Armed Forces Bowl like he did last year, FZappa20 chose not underestimate Penn State again.

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