Month: February 2009

Recovering From Thirsty Thursday

Skipping morning classes on Friday is certainly a routine for a lot of Penn Staters that go out on Thursday night and start their weekend pretty early. Even though I’m an alum and not a student I find myself dragging my hungover carcass out of bed and showing up at the office around noon on […]

The Illini’s “Unofficial” State Patrick’s Day

Every year, we Penn Staters take pride in our celebration of State Patrick’s Day.  The fact that we chose to celebrate the holiday famous for drinking copious amounts of alcohol on the weekend, instead of March 17 (on a Tuesday this year), is a testament to our awesomeness and respect for our own education. As […]

Bro Call

“Why Wasn’t Dane Cook’s New Movie Nominated For Any Oscars?” Sup, Bromosexuals? Chad here again, and this time I’m angry. I’m sure a lot of you saw the Oscars this past Sunday. You may have been asking yourself this past week, “Man, those Oscars were really lame! Why hasn’t Chad of Onward State commented on […]

FAQ on PSU: How to schedule classes

This is the first of a recurring feature in which Onward State walks you through some of the less understood aspects of Penn State. The first enigma our guide will tackle is how to schedule classes. Hopefully you can use this information in the coming weeks as you begin to plan and schedule for fall […]

The Natty Nittany

Gabe.  Photographed on Allen St. Gabe isn’t even in college yet – talk about being ahead of the competition.  This State High student has a great casual look here.  The main points of focus: shoes and headphones.  They both have great colour schemes and give a touch of flare to the overall outfit.  They stand […]

You’d Be “Out of Your Head” to Dislike Fastball

The HUB was the place to be tonight for another free concert featuring some of yester-year’s favorites. Tonight, Nine Days and Fastball were featured in another installment of Penn State’s unofficial “Bringing Back the 90’s” campaign. Both of these bands were large successes in the 90’s pop-rock genre and continued to shine tonight after a […]

Do Your Feet a Favor

Unless you’re sporting some serious hiking boots, constant walking can really take a toll on your body, especially your legs and feet. Don’t want to trade in your favorite kicks for practical alternatives? You don’t have to. Last week at McLanahan’s, I purchased Ironman gel insoles for my aging shoes. Aside from the lickable body […]

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