Onward State’s Simple Election Day Primer

I should disclose the fact that I’m the co-campaign manager for the Elizabeth Goreham mayoral campaign. I’ve been around all the campaigns over the last few months, and am going to try to present an unbiased view of the candidates.

Mayoral Election

The untimely death of Mayor Welch has created a hole in the borough’s “weak mayor” position. State College’s mayor has no legislative powers, but can preside over borough council meetings and is the face of State College.

  • Elizabeth Goreham, Democrat
  • Experience: last 12 years on Borough council, current president of Borough council
  • Important Issues: Making State College “green”, environmental protection, connecting “Town” and “Gown”, neighborhood preservation, student involvement
  • Website: http://elizabethgoreham.com/
  • Endorsed by: Howard Dean, The Daily Collegian, Centre Daily Times (kind of)
  • Joe Wakeley, Republican
  • Experience: 4 years on Borough Council (president for 2) (in the 80’s)
  • Important Issues: student involvement, revising the Nuisance Ordinance
  • Website: http://www.wakeleyformayor.com/
  • Endorsed by: Pennsylvania Representative Kerry Benninghoff and U.S. Representative Glenn Thompson

Read about the DA race…

District Attorney Election

  • Stacy Parks Miller, Democrat
  • Experience: First Assistant District Attorney, Deputy Coroner, 15 years experience in criminal law
  • Website: http://www.parksmillerforda.net/
  • Endorsed by: Fraternal Order of Police
  • Mike Madeira, Republican (Incumbent)
  • Experience: Current District Attorney
  • Website: http://www.madeiraforda.com/
  • Endorsed by:Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett, Congressman Glenn “G.T.” Thompson

Borough Council Candidates

  • Ron Filippelli (D) – “I understand that students are primarily interested in getting a good education in a safe, friendly, and interesting environment”
  • Brett Fisher (R) – “I am a student, consequently I am best able to represent student values and interests on the Council”
  • Charles Gable (R) – “I have the requisite experience to understand issues important to students”
  • Don Hahn (D) – “Through my 2 terms on Council, I believe that I have adopted a balanced approach to borough government”
  • Ron Madrid (R) – “I am one of few candidates who is NOT anti-student”
  • Tom Daubert (D) – “I believe council must initiate continuing discussions with a group of student leaders and Council members”

Well, Democrat or Republican, Red or Blue (or maybe a nice shade of green, or an interesting shade of magenta), whoever you vote for, get out and vote on Tuesday, November 3.  It’s our town too!

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