Who Wants a New Constitution?

Our local Congressional representative, Scott Conklin, has begun circulating nomination petitions for a Lt. Governor run later this year.

Conklin, a Democrat, has been the representative of Pennsylvania’s 77th district, which includes State College, since 2006. During his term, Conklin has been a strong supporter of PHEAA, a Pennsylvania organization that helps students with their pursuit of higher education. He has also helped Penn State secure grants and supported our basketball team when they were doing better than they are now.

With the primary election coming up May 18, he only has a few months to prepare. Even if he runs for Lt. Governor, he will still be allowed to run for re-election in his house seat, so he’s not taking a big risk. Conklin’s main motivation for running is to help reform PA’s constitution. Considering how abysmal the state’s budget process has been in the past few years, this might not be a bad idea.

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