The Natty Nittany: Dongju, College Ave.

I ran into Dongju on College Ave. last week and couldn’t help but notice that gray peacoat. You see so many blacks and browns around (I’m guilty of conforming too), so it was nice to see something different. Then I looked down and noticed what I really loved about Dongju’s outfit; it was her shoes. I wish I could tell you what material they are, but what I loved about them is that they look so sturdy and classic.

Most of all, why the shoes make her look is how she’s wearing them. For some reason, a lot of dressier shoes look better without socks, and with the weather in the 20s that day, it took a lot of guts not to wear any socks. In the end, it paid off for Dongju. She’s rocking them in the best way possible,  not to mention I really like the accent her green sweater gives to the peacoat.

Lastly, check out the buttons on her peacoat below. I like trying to notice the little things that make people’s outfits look unique, and I didn’t even notice this until I cropped the photo. The eagle and shield emblem on the buttons are awesome.

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