Third Annual LION Walk Great Success

When you hear a knock on your door, and through your blinds you see the Po Po, your first reaction might be, “Hide everything and run!” But if you got a knock on the door on Tuesday evening and the police were standing there, you most likely were getting a visit from participating members of the Third Annual LION (Living In One Neighborhood) Walk.

Bobby Ryan, who serves as Off-Campus Student Union President, explained a main goal of the walk as “emphasizing [that] students have met their neighbors and building a relationship between the [students] and permanent residents.”

Living in such a large college town, it can be easy to forget that your neighbors aren’t just fellow students. Does This American Life ring a bell?

University Park Undergraduate Association president Christian Ragland expressed the importance of showing the people of the State College Borough that students “are taking a stance” in their community, “…we want to incorporate students with the Borough.”

At 6:00 p.m., 21 groups, each made up of a student representative, a police officer, a State College Borough rep, and a Penn State administrative rep, started their journeys.

Groups mainly went door to door of students, opening the conversation with, “Have you met your neighbor?”  Residents got drawstring bags with swag that among other things, included useful handouts on topics like tenant rights, Borough ordinances, and neighborhood contacts.

Did you get a visit?

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