Film Tour Gets You Ready to Rock… Climb!

If you’re anything like me, rock climbing ranks right up there with shark wrestling and dating Paris Hilton on your list of “Activities that are Hazardous to my Health.” The Penn State Outing Club seeks to rectify the situation by hosting the Penn State stop of the Fifth Annual Reel Rock Tour tonight in the HUB.

It’s a whole bunch of films featuring men and women rock and mountain climbers battling the smuggest oppressors on Earth–mountains. They are truly heroic tales of scaling inanimate objects if there ever were any. You can pick up tickets right outside for 5 bucks. It’s a small price to pay to witness the humbling of our tall, majestic overlords. More details can be found on the PSOC’s Facebook event page or at the Reel Rock Tour’s website.

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John is a Junior majoring in Journalism from Hazleton, PA. He is so awesome that sharks dedicate a week to him. Likes: Video games, vigilante justice, irony, talking bears, Burt Reynolds, El Chupacabra, coloring books, chainsaws, and Australians. Dislikes: Zombies, clowns, zombie clowns, turtleneck sweaters, Apple, poor mustache grooming, nuclear winter, Roman architecture, guacamole, robots, LCD TVs, the color yellow, Velcro, ceiling fans, sprinklers, tornadoes, Belgians, squat thrusts, and romantic comedies.


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