Day: September 15, 2011

Concrete to Green: PARK(ing) Day Comes to Town

National Park(ing) Day 2011 is stopping in State College this Friday. Students in the Stuckeman Architecture program will transform parking spaces into a green mini-park. As part of the event, community members and Penn State students are asked to serve as judges to decide the best park.

Photo Gallery: Campus from Above

University Park is a beautiful campus. The lush trees and landscape and the vibrant mixture of classic and modern architecture combine to create a place unlike any other. As a photographer, however, one of the most important rules is to shoot your subject from a variety of angles, so I took to the top floors of a number of campus buildings to capture a unique perspective of campus.

Led Heads: Dancing Days Are Here Again

That's right. The long epics, intricate guitar solos and bluesy but powerfully heavy rock sound is coming back to the State Theatre. Get the Led Out, the Led Zeppelin tribute band that isn't really a tribute band, is making its way back to State College on Friday. Get all the deets after the jump.

HIV talk in Waring Commons

It’s not every day you’re greeted with a free condom–mint flavored at that! But that’s exactly what happened when I walked into 129 Waring for the HIV/AIDS panel. Attached to the condom was a True or False sheet, which allowed the guests to see what they knew about HIV or AIDS. The human immunodeficiency virus infects […]

Quidam: A Circus of Human Spirit

Picture a column of people three stories tall, people stacked three-deep on one another’s shoulders. Three others launch a small woman diagonally over the tower, and the one atop it catches her perfectly. The column stays steady. If you’ve never been to a Cirque du Soleil show before, it’s quite the experience (but not your typical circus experience). Instead of three rings, trained animals, and piped-in music, Cirque shows are a more intimate and artistic environment. The audience is treated to a visual spectacular, complete with amazing stunts, characters, and a live band. It’s more like a combination of circus arts, theater, music, and dance, all performing at their highest level. This is the third time I’ve seen one of Cirque du Soleil’s traveling productions, and I was prepared to be just as amazed. But Quidam still found a way surprise me.

70 Years of Dominating Temple

In two days, our Nittany Lions will travel to Philly to take on the Temple Owls. Yes, we enter as only an eight-point favorite, and yes this Temple team is better than those that came before them (although that isn't saying much). But this is Temple. We have dominated them for seven decades now and I don't see that changing much on Saturday afternoon.

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