Led Heads: Dancing Days Are Here Again

That’s right. The long epics, intricate guitar solos and bluesy but powerfully heavy rock sound is coming back to the State Theatre.

Get the Led Out, the Led Zeppelin tribute band that isn’t really a tribute band, is making its way back to State College on Friday. The show starts at 8 p.m. and costs $23 for students and $28 for everybody else.

These guys love to play. And they are insanely talented musicians. They are purists, and so do tend to stick to the book a little bit, but for someone who loves Zeppelin like Kel loves orange soda, this won’t be a problem. To be fair, in the randomly launching into epic solos that last entirely too long (in a good way) department and taking the live performance to a weird new level on each song, they are naturals. But then, so was the original Zep, so that fits the mood of those who are likely to attend.

Even if you aren’t a mega-led head (which sounds like a sin to those burnt out old dudes that sit on the wall on College Ave, I’m sure) it still might be a good idea to go check this out. By the end of the show, you’ll probably want to show these guys a Whole Lotta Love.

If you want to get a feel for how Get the Led Out likes to Rock and Roll, check out this review and its attached videos. It’s simply hilarious (good to get a good feel for something from a non-music guy every once in a while, can be eye-opening) but also pegs the feel of the show fairly well.

At any rate, you’ll be sure to get plenty Dazed and Confused in the (un)godliness of the phenomenon that is Zeppelin music. (Or maybe that feeling’s from that peculiar-smelling haze drifting around the back of the concert…)

I’ll stop there before I Ramble On (that’s the last one, I promise).

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