Day: October 20, 2011

So You Spent All Your Money on Alcohol…

So you've turned 21. Happy birthday! You can now go to bars and buy your own booze at the liquor store. Of course, after the first two weeks you realize there's a catch: all of this alcohol is really, really expensive. But fear not, Onward State is here to help. Here are some tips to help you save tons of money on booze.

Ellie Knows Bars

Ellie Skrzat is a sophomore art major, she is only 19 and has never been to bar. Most of what Ellie knows about bars comes from the cantina scene from Star Wars. In this post, Ellie has written what she imagines various State College bars to be like on the inside. In some instances, Ellie has drawn illustrations to accompany her proposed descriptions.

Weekend Nittany Lions in Happy Valley

As a student who attends one of the largest schools in Pennsylvania, it is not uncommon to have visitors on the weekends who want to experience the 7th best party school in the nation. Whether you're a freshman looking for a party or a senior exploring the bars, there's a lot to consider when you welcome friends and relatives into your college home for a PSU weekend. Here's some advice on how to prepare and what to do.

Latest PSU Rapper Produces “Elaborate Sounds”

It seems like everybody and their uncle at Penn State has been picking up mics lately and trying to spit rhymes. First, Primary Element came on the scene. Then there was U, Greg Falatek and Chewi. Even Kevin Newsome has tried his hand at the rap game. And let us not forget the unfortunate slew of "Blue and White" Khalifa remixes.

It's time to add one more name to that list. But before you roll your eyes this time around, give a listen to some of ESQ's tracks to find out what sets him truly apart from the rest.

SAAB Mr. & Ms. Student-Athlete Pageant: What’s Not to Like?

Love THON and looking for something to do on Sunday after the THON 5K? Come see your favorite Penn State student-athletes and a performance by My Hero Zero at the Mr. & Miss Student-Athlete Pageant at Alumni Hall in the HUB. All proceeds benefit THON!

When “Robert’s Rules” Go Wrong

The act by UPUA’s steering committee on Sunday of closing their session to the public was, strictly speaking, a legal use of their authority. UPUA bylaws stipulate that all meetings must be public, but (in the parlance of Robert's Rules) it’s germane to suspend bylaws and enter executive (private) session provided ⅔ of voting members agree. This move, while legal, is unethical, much in the same way that it is legal (but unethical) to write “UPUA fucking sucks.”

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