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Ellie Skrzat is a sophomore art major, she is only 19 and has never been to bar. Most of what Ellie knows about bars comes from the cantina scene from Star Wars. In this post, Ellie has written what she imagines various State College bars to be like on the inside. In some instances, Ellie has drawn illustrations to accompany her proposed descriptions.

Mad Mex– “It’s connected to a hotel. I think I might be able to sneak in okay.”

Ellie's imagined interior of Mad Mex

Bar Bleu– “I used to think this was a gay bar, but now I think it’s a sports club.”

Café 210 West– “This one’s on a lot of bar tours. The plastic tables, chairs, and cups throw me off, but everyone always looks like they’re having fun.”

Indigo– “I’ll go to Indigo once, maybe. They have a different DJ every night.”

Kildare’s– “I think it might be a chain.”

The Dark Horse– “I’m not entirely sure it’s not the same thing as The Tavern.”

Not too far off, but I don't think the real bartender is that creepy

Lion’s Den– “I feel like this bar is overshadowed by Bar Bleu. This may be the worst bar.”

Pickles– “I’m always jealous of the people in there.”

The Deli– “My parents really love The Deli.”

The G-Man– “I used to think this was also a strip club. Someone told me a lot of frats go here.”

The Rathskeller– “This may be the oldest bar in state college. It will never not make me think of rats and cellars.”

Zeno’s – “I don’t think Zeno’s is even downtown. It might be some kind of themed bar.”

Way off the mark. Zeno's is in fact downtown.

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Ellie Skrzat

Ellie Skrzat is a SHC Junior BFA in drawing and painting. Her last name means "gnome" in Polish, which is perfect because that's exactly what Ellie is. A gnome. Ellie performs with Full Ammo Improv.


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