John Ziegler Aims to Exonerate Paterno in Film

Political filmmaker and radio host John Ziegler, known for his iconoclastic personality and projects in support of Sarah Palin and others, is making a documentary aimed at exposing what he believes to be the truth about Joe Paterno’s role in the Jerry Sandusky scandal, according to Buzzfeed.

This isn’t the first time Ziegler has been critical of Penn State’s role in the scandal, especially in regards to the Freeh Report. He even submitted a community post published on Onward State back in July on the report.

Ziegler recieved national attention for a film How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted on the 2008 election. The documentary argued that a media bias existed that heavily favored candidate Barack Obama and destroyed Sarah Palin.

In the Paterno project, Ziegler intends to illustrate a manipulative media stating:

“I think the Penn State story is one of the worst examples of media malpractice that we’ve ever seen,” Ziegler told Buzzfeed. “It was very clear to me early on this was a story ripe for media malpractice, but it was worse than I ever could have imagined.”

Ziegler believes the lack of other sports news last November led to ESPN and other media outlets turning the story on Paterno. “The idea that there was a cover-up in this case, a concerted cover-up, is absolutely, positively preposterous,” he said to Buzzfeed. “It doesn’t even pass the original smell test. It makes no sense, and it didn’t happen, and that I’m sure of.”

Ziegler has already established a site, where a team has been established to continue the mission to present a strong defense of Joe Paterno’s legacy. The homepage outlines the five steps used to uncover the ‘truth’ about coverage of Paterno.

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