LionCash+ Wants YOU to Be Its New Face

Ladies and gentleman, Spencer Hauck’s reign as the face of LionCash+ has come to an end, and the search is on for a new LionCash+ celeb. While we’re all technically faces ON LionCash+ ID cards, only one can be the face OF LionCash+.

First,  you have to meet these criteria:

1) You actually must spend LionCash+ regularly. In other words, you might be rewarded for spending your parents’ money.

2) You must ‘like’ LionCash+ on Facebook, and follow LionCash+ on Twitter. Yes, you might have to sacrifice your follower-to-following ratio on Twitter, but it’s a necessary evil.

3) I would assume this goes without saying, but you have to be a registered student or employee of Penn State University.

4) You must sign a release allowing the use of your photo for promotion.

Then, you have to conquer one simple task: e-mail [email protected] and explain what makes you worthy of becoming the new face of LionCash+. Refer to our post about last year’s face of LionCash+ and do your best to channel your inner Spencer Hauck. Just focus on how much you love Sbarro — Hauck’s personal favorite place to spend his LionCash+.

In your application, make sure to include your name, phone number, and e-mail address and to send it in before November 30th.

If it so happens that your application is chosen, here are the benefits you’ll reap as the face of LionCash+:

1) Your photo will appear on both the LionCash+ Facebook and the id+ website. Make sure it’s a good photo, since I’m sure the id+ site gets a lot of traffic.

2) An interview with id+ for their website.

3) $100 in LionCash+!

4) Bragging rights and unlimited fame.

The three runners-up will each receive $25 in LionCash+.

Good luck to all of you planning to apply, and may the winner be somebody who TRULY loves their ID.

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