Phi Sigma Sigma Takes On Its First THON

Phi Sigma Sigma, the newest sorority on campus, is participating in its first year at THON. With around 175 members, it’s excited to make its debut to the Greek community.

Although they weren’t paired with a Four Diamonds family this year, they are still excited to leave their mark. Phi Sig participated in all three canning tips with great success for a first-year organization. They even have two dancers participating this year, Jess Bischoff and Andi Diamond.

While they’ve had success, being a first year sorority at THON doesn’t come without its challenges. The sisters have to dedicate much more time and effort in order to organize events. Considering this is the first time any of the members have been a part of a sorority, they have to balance various other orgs, club sports and time commitments. Sisters were able to choose a six-hour shift but many chose to participate in more than one.

When asked about the best part of being in Phi Sig at THON sister Christine Sibley said, “The best part is that we get to participate in a great event at Penn State that has a lot of influence in the Greek community and the Greek community has a huge influence on it.”

Congrats to the sisters on their first THON, and we wish them many great ones!

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