Who Are You Repping at THON 2015?

Just about every student organization spends hours elaborately decorating their very own giant cardboard letters in anticipation of THON weekend. We talked to the students behind the signs to find out why they’re reppin’ at THON 2015.

Alpha Chi Omega – Bailey Mehalick

“Your arms get so tired holding up the letters!” Mehalick said. “It’s okay though, because this is the one weekend of the year we get to come out here for the kids.”


Alpha Gamma Rho – Bryan Peato

“This is my first time at THON,” Peato said. “It’s long, and it’s stressful but at the end of the day I know it’s going to be worth it.”


Phi Sigma Sigma – Joanna Scott

“We’re a new sorority so this is all of our first year at THON,” Scott said. “I like doing the line dance and getting better every time!”


Kapa Delta Rho – Blake Conners

“This is my first time here and it’s pretty awesome,” Connors said. “It’s crazy to see all the people that actually stay here for the whole weekend.”


Field Hockey Club – Stephanie Pizzirani

“This is my first year at THON and it’s a great experience because everybody just gets so into it,” Pizzirani said. “I’m looking forward to the last four hours the most!”


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