Ned, From Ned’s Declassified, Is Here At THON

Devon Werkheiser, better known as Ned Bigby from the infamous show Ned’s Declassified, joined the crowd in the BJC for his second THON this morning. When he took the stage, Werkheiser shared with the audience that his parents met at Penn State, and his dad started a mini-THON in LA, which he now runs.

The energy in the BJC immediately perked up when Werkheiser took the stage. He played two songs for the crowd, and reminded everyone what an awesome thing it is that we’re doing. “You’re not out partying. I mean, you are out partying. But you’re not out partying. You’re here doing this for the kids”

He closed his brief set with a WE ARE chant, which was echoed with a ‘Ned’ chant from the audience. Thanks for stopping by, and waking up the crowd, Ned!

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