Calling All Dancers: Tell Us Your Favorite Moment Of THON 2015

Dancers: You did it! You stood, you danced, you laughed, and you cried… you did it all, except sit. For 46 straight hours.

Through upbeat, high-energy performances coming from the likes of The Rockets, to the tear-jerking and moving family hour, you stood through the easy and hard times for the kids.

THON 2015 was without a doubt an unforgettable experience, raising a total of $13,026,653.23. Good times and memories were made in the stands for all organizations and clubs, and in each and every committee. But we want to know more about the action that ensued on the dance floor — where the real THON magic happened.

If you danced this year and have a moment you’ll never forget, share your story with us. Send a short blurb describing your all-time favorite moment from this weekend, and what it meant to you.

Be it a moving moment with a child, or a crazy and unbelievable experience, we want to know all about the memories that made up your THON weekend. We’ll put together a post with some of the best moments you share.

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