[Video] Onward State, David Abruzzese Capture Student Media Cheesesteak Gold

Video: Aaron Andrews, Story: Jack Lukow

There are moments in time that define a generation. Moments an entire people look back and reflect upon as the one moment, the moment that changed everything.

Perceptions are rocked, rivalries sparked, alliances forged, and in these moments there are but two people. The winners, and the losers.

It is in one such moment that our man about town, the myth, the legend David Abruzzese became a winner.

It started off with a simple challenge, which student media outlet can eat a cheesesteak the fastest?

To which, the blog knew we could not back down. Staring down the eyes of our competitors twitter accounts we accepted the challenge, and turned the coals in our opposition’s hearts.

It was only a matter of time then, and so the countdown to history began.

As the day arrived, the selected champions gathered at Medlar Field. David, unfazed and confident (read: hungry), prepared himself for his moment of fame.

Walking out on to the field, David knew what tales could be told of this day. One cheesesteak and two “worthy” competitors were all that stood between a cheesesteak legend and his student-media superiority.

We know how that day ended for a legend among mere journalists, and so it shall be, David Abruzzese is your student media cheesesteak champion.

Now, how about that crate race?

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