The Official Penn State vs. Temple Drinking Game

The worst thing about away games is just that: They’re away. Though Lincoln Financial Field is sold out and will be filled with tons of fans donning the Nittany Lions’ Blue and White, nothing compares to a game in Beaver Stadium, and it’s always a little less fun when we have to watch the game on TV instead of with 107,000 of our friends.

Regardless, we here at Onward State plan to make the most out of our Saturday. With that in mind, here is the drinking game we have created for the first game of the year — today’s season-opener against Temple.

  • Drink every time the commentators call the matchup a “rivalry.”
  • Take a drink every time they mention the number of times Hackenberg was sacked last year.
  • If they predict what number overall Hackenberg will be drafted at, drink for that many seconds.
  • Drink for the duration of every Pinstripe Bowl highlight.
  • Finish your drink for any mention of cheesesteaks, Rocky, or LOVE Park.
  • Drink for the first mention of how many of Temple’s starters are returning, and how they’re expected to have a big season.
  • Take a shot any time Penn State lines up in the Wildcat or attempts a screen pass on 3rd-and-long.
  • Take a drink any time the commentators mention Anthony Zettel’s tackling of a tree, Kung fu, or his animal impersonations.
  • Anytime Joe Paterno or “409” are mentioned, take a sip of your Joe Paterno Legacy Series beer.
  • Anytime Bob Shoop appears on the screen, raise your glass, take a gulp, remove your hat if you’re wearing one, and salute that man.
  • If Penn State loses, drink whatever you have left. If Penn State wins, drink whatever you have left.

Enjoy the game! And drink carefully, you bunch of drunks.

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