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Onward Chef: Make Your Own Fat Bitch Sandwich

Welcome back to Onward Chef: the ultimate destination for DIY drunk food creations. Last time, we mastered the fine art of the grilled sticky. This time, we’re going to dive deeper into Penn State’s drunk food culture to recreate a true gem. This one fining establishment stands out in State College, even in a seemingly never-ending sea of cheap pizza, calzones, and tacos. Its massive sandwiches piled high with mozzarella sticks and french fries are legendary. Yup, you guessed it; Onward Chef is tackling R U Hungry!

R U Hungry is famous for their greasy, over-the-top, quintessential drunk food. Their sandwiches are so rich and saturated that they’re all called ‘fat’ sandwiches. The insane sandwiches have even been ranked among the best drunk food joints in America. What’s their most popular order, you wonder? The Fat Bitch, of course!

But what if you’re out of town and can’t venture down to Sowers Street to pick up your beloved Fat Bitch? Never fear, Onward Chef is here!

Here’s what you need to make a Fat Bitch: 

  • Steak
  • Chicken Tenders
  • French Fries
  • Mayo
  • American Cheese
  • Ketchup

But one of the best parts of the R U Hungry experience is creating your own drunken masterpiece! We’re going to respect this authentic culinary art form and use only the most enchanting, commonly found ingredients in a college kid’s abode to make the Fat Bitch our own. So let’s dub this creation ‘The Fat (insert your name here)’


Like any sandwich,  we need to start with the basics: the bread. This sandwich’s bread will be the sturdy ship on which we sail our Fat Bitch. I selected a simple bagel, but feel free to use any bread you wish. For that matter, any carb will do. Want to make a Fat Bitch baked potato? Be our guest.

Next, the sauce. I selected the all-American classic: ketchup. Smear a plentiful amount atop your bread.

Here comes the show stopper: the tenders. Chicken tenders add a very important dimension in the fat bitch sandwich. Add at least one chicken tender on each side of bread. But if delicious fried chicken isn’t your style, feel free to substitute the tenders with chicken nuggets or grilled chicken.

r u hungry 2

Now it’s time for the tots. Technically R U Hungry sandwiches include french fries, but feel free to express yourself with another form of potato-y goodness. Pour your tots generously across your sandwich. Pro tip: If you use frozen tots, make sure to bake them first. No one likes cold tots!

r u hungry 10

Time for the fun part, the toppings! Sprinkle some cheese on your sandwich like a dainty snow fall. Next, spread some mayo right on top of each chicken tender.

r u hungry 4

Drizzle some ranch dressing across your fat bitch. Then spice things up with some taco mix, because the taco seasoning perfectly compliments the mayo. The spices will add a great kick to the creamy and mild ranch flavor.

r u hungry 5

College students are simplistic beings. Sometimes all we crave is a peanut butter and jelly. To add some childhood nostalgia to our dish, we added just a touch of grape jelly. If you like things sweet, add a few tablespoons. Just want a bit of grape flavor? Add a dab to each side.

r u hungry 6

Sriracha is all the rage with the kids these days, so we drizzled some Sriracha hot sauce across my Fat Bitch. This step is optional, but we truly suggest it. This balances the sweetness and tart personality of the grape jelly, and really brings out that meaty chicken tender.

r u hungry 7

Time for the final (and my personal favorite) step: the Fruity Pebble garnish. The rich fluorescent colors really bring a certain aesthetic to the sandwich. The crunch wraps all our flavors together and adds that extra pow! Feel free to substitute Fruity Pebbles with other cereal, but we definitely suggest them.

r u hungry 11

You have now created a true masterpiece. Combine the sides of your bread to blend your  ingredients together, creating a delicious harmony of flavors. Watch out, though! Your roommates are probably drooling behind you by now. Tell them to go make their own Fat Bitch!

The Final Product: 

final fat bitch

So, R U Hungry now? Enjoy your artisan sandwich, and be sure to tell us how it was.

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