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We Found The Best THON Tattoos

We asked, and you delivered. Here’s the best ink FTK.


Name: Deven Barbine
Story behind the tattoo:
I had this done because THON was such a big part of my life in college. I wanted to always remember all of the great times that THON has given me (including my now fiancé that was on the same committee). I always love having it so that people ask me what it means and I am able to explain the wonderful work THON does for the families.



Name: Chelsea Franey

Story behind the tattoo: I got the tattoo for my best friend Kayla Nakonechni, who was a THON child with the Blue band. Sadly, Kayla passed away in the fall so I got this tattoo to remind me to be brave like she was. She faced her cancer head on — if she could tackle cancer with a smile, I want to face every day with the fight she did.



Name: Kevin Rupp, father of a Four Diamonds family

Story behind the tattoo: Our daughter Felicia became an angel in 1998. I got this tattoo in 2013 in honor of her, who died of cancer when she was 13 years old.



Name: Patrick Vogel

Story behind the tattoo: I got this tattoo to remind me that no matter what life throws my way, I can overcome anything I set my mind too. When I walked into the BJC for my 1st THON, I told myself I was going to dance one day and 3 years later I got the opportunity to do so. Words can not even begin to describe the feelings and emotions you put yourself through for those 46 Hours for an experience of a lifetime. This tattoo is a constant reminder to me every time I look at it.



Name: Kathleen McKitish

Story behind the tattoo: The year I danced I made friends that quickly became my family. They are people I still talk to regularly, and if I ever need advice, encouragement or anything else, they are the first people I can run to. We became family that weekend and we will be family forever. I had the F in family made into a gold cancer ribbon to memorize all the families we dance for, without them I wouldn’t know my THON family. Sometime this summer I will be getting “THON ’08” and the 4D logo on my right foot to complete the tattoo. The tattoo also reminds me of exactly how strong I am. Something I learned the weekend I danced.



Name: Tiffany Eutsey 

Story behind the tattoo: My tattoo was already scheduled to be done before our THON child, Jeremy Foust, had passed. I was already a dancer and was working on being a second time dancer when he passed. Although it is not the four diamonds logo, to me it represents a lot. I stood on my feet hoping to find a cure for Jeremy. Orange was his favorite color. On my right foot, I have an orange star with his initials. He was our star, our hero! So an orange star on my foot was what seemed perfect! With all that he went through, those 46 hours on my feet could never compare. This tattoo holds a special place in my heart just like THON and Penn State do. I am beyond blessed and Proud to be a former 3 time THON dancer!



Name: Tom Hayes

Story behind the tattoo: Tom is a Four Diamonds father, and 3 time Hope Express Runner.



Name: Emilie Dormer, a Penn State junior.

Story behind the tattoo: The Four Diamonds and THON have been a part of my life since high school. In 2009 I came to my first THON and it changed my life. I then started a mini-THON at my high school during my senior year and it continues to this day. I have been a morale/dancer relations committee member since my freshman year and I am currently a junior. I love the impact this organization has had on my life and it seemed fitting to keep it with me on my body forever – which is why the infinity symbol is there. My love for this org is bigger than myself and will definitely live forever. FTK.



Name: Jeremy Deiter, a 2005 dancer and 2006 morale captain for THON.

Story behind the tattoo: I got the tattoo in 2009 to remind me of the most meaningful experience of my life during the best 4 years of my life!



Names: Linh Nguyen & Molly Thomas

Story behind the tattoos: We were co-chairs for Penn State Behrend in 2009 for our THON group on campus. We got the tattoo in 2008 to signify the year we danced for THON. My tattoo says Hope Finds a Way. Molly’s says THON ’08 Family Forever. I graduated in 2009. Molly graduated in 2010. in To this day, Molly’s actively involved in The Hope Express. This year, she’s a Moralers. I was a Moraler for Hooe Express with her in 2011. This year will make 11 years since I’ve been to my first THON and 10 years for Molly. Molly hasn’t missed a THON yet!



Name: Audrey Zanath, a 2014 dancer and 2015 R&R committee member.

Story behind the tattoo:  I can’t imagine what it’s like for a child to completely lose his or her innocence and childhood because of a terrible, life-altering disease like cancer and I can’t stand to think that so many children around the world have to face this reality every day. Dancing in THON finally, truly made me realize how important our work is to help find a cure for cancer and I got to see first hand that what we do absolutely makes a difference in so many lives. It’s not just the kids sick with the disease either, it’s their siblings and families who also must deal with the hardships that come along. This tattoo reminds me every day what the kids go through and what I and my fellow Penn Staters have done to alleviate the burdens that the kids and their families face. I hope every day that we will find a cure and that no parent had to hear “Your child has cancer” again. The tattoo itself is simple, but getting it helped me remember that the fight doesn’t last a day, a weekend, or a year. It’s forever, and I’ll continue to fight until there’s a cure. FTK.



Name: Janice Temin

Story behind the tattoo: THON 2015, the year I danced, was the most inspiring weekend of my life. I wanted to get this tattoo as a reminder that if these kids can fight through their battle with cancer, I can make it through
anything. I’ll never forget the stories and memories I shared with the THON families and my fellow dancers.


THON tattoo

Name: Nikki Cervantes

Story behind the tattoo: I graduated from Penn State Fall 2014 and have THON-ed all 5 years of college. I got this tattoo because THON has always been close to my heart. I was one of those people who have already knew about THON before I graduated high school, which in a way is kinda weird since I’m not from the State College area. There has always been a lot of cancer in my family and my cousin was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age. I THON-ed to help her, my mom, my grandfathers, my aunts, and my uncles. No cancer is good, but I feel that no child should ever have to go through what these kids are going through.


Jon Florio_Four Diamons Tattoo

Name: Jon Florio

Story behind the tattoo: Graduated in 2011; Danced for Penn State Schuylkill (2008); Member of ATLAS; Current Communications Director of The Hope Gala. Once I danced in THON my freshman year, I knew that THON would a major part of my life. What better way to display that love than to get a Four Diamonds tattoo on my shoulder.


Name: Matt Seybert

Story behind the tattoo: Former THON Child and Leukemia survivor, grew up in State College, currently working for PSU Outreach. I got this tattoo to celebrate my 10 year cancer free milestone. I took my last chemo treatment on October 3rd, 2004 and I got this tattoo on October 3rd, 2014. My sister (the girl in the second image) got a small diamond tattoo between her shoulders at the same time with me, her tattoo says “Courage” beside it in my handwriting. The two initials at the top of my tattoo are friends of mine who lost their battle with cancer. The ribbon at the bottom is my diagnosed and cured dates.



Name: Kate Bateman

Story behind the tattoo: As a pediatric cancer survivor, being a part of THON was something I wanted to do since before I even came to Penn State. It has become one of my biggest passions, so I wanted to make it a part of me forever. In 30-40 years, I’ll tell my grand children about how much THON meant to me, and how each day requires a little honesty, courage, wisdom and strength.


There you have, these are the best THON tattoos FTK. Let us know in the comments section which one is your favorite and why!

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