Trace McSorley: Moonlighting As A Nickname Overlord

So long, Sackenberg — with a new starting quarterback comes a new era of nicknames. You might’ve heard “Trace the Ace” or “Trace McScorley” floating around after Trace McSorley’s first starting game last week against Kent State, but we’re bringing the nickname game to the next level.

Here’s our power-listing of the best nicknames for Trace McSorley:

Without A Trace

Without A Trace McSorely
Photo: Dana Lipshutz

After being cast on TV crime drama Without A Trace, fans were surprised when Trace McSorley committed to play football at Penn State. Point for James Franklin.

Trace of Spades

Trace The Ace of Spades
Photo: Dana Lipshutz

Since you probably can’t tailgate before the Pitt game this weekend, you might as well get in a friendly game of Go Fish or Texas Hold ‘Em before kickoff.

Trace McMuffin

Trace McMuffin
Photo: Dana Lipshutz

Before the game? After the game? It doesn’t matter — McDonald’s has all-day breakfast.

Trace McThorly

Trace McThorely
Photo: Dana Lipshutz

James Franklin asked for someone to bring down the offensive hammer — and he got just that.

Space McSorley

Space McSorely
Photo: Dana Lipshutz

We’re just glad to have a dwarf quarterback as loveable as Pluto.

Trace McSwirley

Trace McSwirley Trace McSorley
Photo: Elissa Hill

Caution — viewers under the age of 18 may be disturbed. The image above is a rendering of what may happen if Penn State loses to Pitt.

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