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Crazy, Wild, And Weird In The Student Section: Your Best Stories

There’s no question Penn State has the best student section in the nation. With constant top-tier national rankings, Penn State’s student section has solidified itself as a force to be reckoned with in college football. After all, who else is crazy enough to get a group of students to spend their nights before every home game camping out just to get the best seats in the whole stadium?

Let’s face it, we’re pretty intense fans, and as such it’s no wonder that we have some pretty wild student section experiences to boot. We asked you to send us your craziest Beaver Stadium experiences and, boy, did you deliver.

Penn State vs. Rutgers

“I was way too drunk when entering the stadium and my friend had to swipe me in because I kept dropping my ID. As soon as I made it past the gates I spotted the boxes of pom-poms. I ran over and grabbed an armful of them only to fall face first into the box. I don’t remember any of this. Last thing I remember was tailgating and next thing I knew it was 10 minutes into the first quarter. ”

Well, at least you made it to the game. The shakers are sorely missed when absent.

Drunk and Dangerous

“I’m fairly certain it was a later game, most likely at 3:30 p.m. People had been drinking all day as per usual. I had an awesome seat in the student section pretty far down right behind the field goal post. My friends and I had been watching this super drunk girl a few rows in front of us for a while. Her energy quickly diminished and she sat down — a huge no-no in the student section, obviously. Despite multiple people telling her to stand up, this girl was not going anywhere. Eventually, she did stand up…only to projectile vomit on the rows in front of her. Before anyone in front of her row could even realize what had just happened, her friend grabbed her and miraculously dragged her up the stairs and out of the student section. Shout out to the Beaver Stadium staff for cleaning the puke, and shout out to that girl’s friend for most likely saving her from an underage.”

The only thing you want to leave Beaver Stadium wearing that you didn’t come with is an S-Zone shirt.

Penn State vs. Ohio State 2012

“After Mike Hull blocked a punt that was recovered by Mike Yancich for a touchdown in the second quarter, the section we were in was jumping so much the entire bleacher broke off. We then proceeded to crowd surf the bleacher up through the section as we drunkenly sung along to Seven Nation Army. ”


“About halfway through the first quarter, I saw a bunch of people crowded around this girl a few rows in front of me. As the crowd cleared, I noticed that the girl had sneaked in an entire bag of Franzia (White Zinfandel to be exact) and had the nozzle coming out the bottom of her shirt right above her crotch. Everyone around her, if she knew them or not, were slapping the bag as she wore it under her shirt. ”

No one gets Penn State riled up quite like Ohio State.

Penn State Football in 1985

“We were selling souvenirs for the swim team and were inside the stadium when PSU scored. At that time, they passed the Lion up the stands to the top of the stadium. The fans were so excited, they grabbed my roomie Shelly and passed her up the stands! At the top, they chanted to “throw her over” and it was nothing but awesome.”

We’re glad to see our student section has been unrivaled in terms of spirit and dedication since the 80s, but moreover, we’re glad to see Shelly made it out alive.

Penn State vs. Temple in 2006

“I was about 10 at the time, so this isn’t technically a student section story. Nevertheless, it was at a PSU football game.

My folks and I were sitting in our seats (3rd row, section WC; I was spoiled), when all of a sudden an immensely drunk, young-ish guy — possibly a student — comes stumbling down the aisle. He projectile vomits the entire contents of his stomach — in which there was a lot, and not limited to beer — all over the place, including quite a bit on me (I was in the aisle seat). Once the shock set in, I start feeling nauseous at the stench and the prospect of being covered in beer vomit, so I get up from my seat, make for the nearest trash can and proceed to vomit as well. I see a woman collapsed on a bench nearby being attended to by police, only to find out later that she was the guy’s girlfriend, and the vomitter was nowhere to be found. I wound up watching the rest of the game on the TVs under the stands.

Obviously I wasn’t scarred too badly by this, seeing as I’m a current senior.”

That’s the spirit! Even at its worst, Penn State always provides memorable experiences that are sure to last a lifetime, no matter what those memories may be.

No one does gameday quite like Penn State. We’re crazy, we’re loud, but most importantly, we’re dedicated, and that’s what makes Nittany Lions so special — except maybe the pukers. For the love of God, please stop puking in the student section.

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