Better Know A THON Committee: Communications

Whether you’re attending your first THON as a freshman or a THON veteran attending your fifth weekend as a super senior, it can be had to keep track of all the different colored on-shift shirts you see floating around the BJC throughout the weekend. What do they all do, anyway?

Here’s the first installment of our Better Know A THON Committee series: Communications Committee.

You can see the Communications Committee wearing kelly green shirts this weekend. They mostly work on the concourse, staffing the information booths (which double as donation stations) to answer any questions attendees might have throughout the weekend. One of these booths also serves as a lost and found location.

When they’re not on the concourse, you can find the Communications Committee members staffing captain sleep shifts in the bowels of the BJC. No one likes waking up a sleeping captain, but someone has to do it.

Throughout the rest of the year, the Communications Committee is focused on educating everyone about what THON is ensuring the mission of THON reaches as far as possible. On the Captain level, the Communications Committee is the primary liaison between THON volunteers and the community.

Communication Captains are responsible for keeping up with each organization’s THON chairs throughout the year, helping them make sure their fundraisers are approved correctly, and answering any other questions they may have about THON weekend or the fundraising season.

The Communications Committee is also one of the few committees you can be on and still dance in THON if you’re given the opportunity.

Fun Fact: The Communications Committee gets to choose the theme for decorating the donation stations at THON and creates the decorations themselves.

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