Clean Bandit Steals The Show At Movin’ On

After lively openers Zach Wade & The Good Grief and Love & Theft, British electronic group Clean Bandit showed the crowd why they’d ‘rather be’ at Movin’ On with an upbeat set that rocked the IM fields.

A few lesser-known jams later, the crowd went wild for Clean Bandit’s new single “Symphony” as Penn Staters trickled in for every corner of campus.

Clean Bandit’s sound was decent overall, but the performance left a lot to be desired in terms of lights and the staging for costumes and dance moves.

Frankly we’ve seen better dancing in frat basements (RIP). As for the costumes, half the members of the group wore black shirts with white paint spatters, a la your middle school charity dodge ball team.

The lights weren’t particularly impressive, but we have to admit there’s not much light show to put on in the middle of the day when the sun hasn’t even started to set yet. Either way, the flashers could’ve left you dizzy if you looked up for too long.

The crowd grew significantly over the course of Clean Bandit’s set, which you could see in person as students literally ran to the front of the crowd when the hit “Rockabye” began to blast through the IM fields.

A new song “Should’ve Known” slowed it down for a few minutes before bumping back to the beat drop the crowd was accustomed to for Clean Bandit with “Real Love.”

As expected, the final song the group performed was the single “Rather Be” that really put Clean Bandit on the map in the first place. This song grabbed the biggest cheer from the crowd as they jumped and bounced around the field.

Though the group didn’t blow us out of the water, Clean Bandit was the perfect choice to perform at this year’s Movin’ On festival for electronica and dance-pop fans.


Most of the artists who perform at Movin’ On stick to their own tour scene before and after the festival, but a few of our editors met someone late Thursday night at McDonald’s on College Ave. who claimed to be in Clean Bandit.

Of course we were skeptical, but had to admit there was no other reason for a non-Penn Stater with a British accent to be in State College this weekend. Sure enough, the guy was on the stage with Clean Bandit during the festival – albeit on a laptop as a sound or tech guy.

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