Saquon Barkley Accepts Potentially Risky Wager With Fellow Heisman Hopefuls

Saquon Barkley will not only be competing with Ohio State’s Mike Weber and LSU’s Derrius Guice for the Heisman Trophy and standing as the first running back taken in the 2018 NFL Draft. The trio also publicly agreed to a wager on Thursday that the player who finishes with the least amount of yards will have to buy the other two dinner.

Considering that all three weigh well over 200 pounds and are projected to have hefty pay days next spring if they all enter the draft, this bet could come with a bit higher of a tab than challenging some buddies to a game of pong with a pizza from Canyon on the line.

Weber initially challenged Barkley and Guice on Twitter and both confidently accepted soon after.

Weber is equally confident, already putting in his order.

Michigan fullback/tight end Khalid Hill tried to get in on the discussion, but like the Wolverines in the College Football Playoff discussion this season, he was ignored.

Putting the wager in full view of the public eye is a risky move by all three, considering the NCAA’s tight restrictions on gambling, where even a fantasy football league can lead to suspensions. It will be interesting to see if tweets are deleted in the coming days or if the bet isn’t settled until after all three presumably declare for the draft and forego their NCAA eligibility. However, even with the season four months away and the Nittany Lions’ much anticipated trip to Columbus nearly six months away, it’s good to see that the trash talk and competitive edge is already mounting before summer practice even begins.

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