OS Cribs: Send Us Your Coolest Freshman Dorms

Penn State students are guaranteed few things in their college careers — debt, classes, and crappy freshman dorms.

Whether you are laying your head and downing your shots in East Halls or Pollock, one of the elite few making their dwellings in South, or an engineering hopeful doing calculus at 2 a.m. in West, your freshman year experience is inevitably filled with transition and “building character.”

We want to see how you are embracing the struggle and pimping out your freshman dorms. Send your glorious Saquon Barkley posters, lofted beds to maximize space, wall basketball hoops, tapestries that Snap and Insta have almost certainly seen first, or whatever else makes your college experience a bit more homey to [email protected] by August 29 to see your room featured on Onward State. Include you and your roommate’s names and any thoughts you might have about the adjustment and how you are making cool rooms out of the lemons Penn State has given you.

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Anthony Colucci

Anthony Colucci is Onward State’s Social Media Manager, a preferred walk-on honors student, and a sophomore majoring in psychology and public relations. Despite being from the make-believe land of Central Jersey, he was never a Rutgers fan. If you ever want to know how good Saquon Barkley's ball security is, ask Anthony what happened when he tried to force a fumble at the Mifflin Streak. Feel free to follow @_anthonycolucci on Twitter and email him at [email protected] to hear the story or if you’re bored and want to chat.


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