The Official Penn State vs. Iowa Drinking Game

Happy game day, Penn State fans!

The Nittany Lions are heading on the road to Iowa for the first time this season, and well, tensions are high as the Hawkeyes have a history of pulling off big upsets at night in Kinnick Stadium.

With that in mind, a good way to calm the nerves during this clash is to play along with our official drinking game. Here’s how:

  • Chug every time the phrase “trap game” is used. No one needs to be thinking about that.
  • Drink if Iowa’s pink away locker rooms are mentioned and remember how accommodating the Hawkeyes are.
  • Take a long, depressed swig for every time they play highlights of the 2008 game and question how Evan Royster and Darryl Clark forgot how to play football on the same day.
  • Take a drink every time they mention field goal gate.
  • Sip for every second of footage they show of last year’s bamboozling in Beaver Stadium.
  • Crack open a cold one with the boys every time Tommy Stevens plays a position other than QB.
  •  Shot gun a beer if Stevens scores on that play.
  • If Brandon Polk is downfield to point at Saquon Barkley again on a long touchdown play, take a drink.
  • If Kirk Herbstreit professes his secret love for Penn State again in any way during the broadcast, drink.
  • If Penn State wins, finish your drink. If Penn State loses, finish your drink and focus on the rebound coming in the weeks ahead.

Enjoy the game and drink responsibly.

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