Purple Wins Color Wars 2018

We’re well into our final day of THON and feet are dragging around the concourse. To keep spirits up before and during THON, the Dancer Relations Committee invented Color Wars — a more than weeklong competition where DRCMs and their dancers split into teams and compete to win points for their color.

Color Wars helps DRCMs get to know their dancers before heading into the long weekend. The teams compete in 12 events in pursuit of the title, each worth a certain number of points. The winner of Color Wars is crowned ahead of the Final Four hours Sunday morning.

This year’s Color Wars winner is the Purple team, and as its prize, the team gets to eliminate another color from next year’s Color Wars. Purple chose to kick last year’s winnerOrange, from competing in 2019.

Purple and Orange have alternated wins over the last several years. Do we sense a little bad blood?

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